Many people who want to enjoy online gambling like to ensure that this is a safe platform for entertainment.

Country to Country

Online gambling laws are similar to bricks and mortar casinos, in that they vary from country to country. The majority of online gambling sites are regulated and licensed in the same territories and countries. These include:

  • the United Kingdom
  • Malta
  • Curacao
  • the Kahnawake territory in Quebec
  • the Isle of Man

Safe Sites

Many safe online sites such as Unibet are licensed and conform to the laws and regulations of online gambling. Certification from the gambling commissions requires an online casino to pay a large application fee, or they are required to pass quality control tests which are very strict.

Grey Area

Online gambling in the United States and Canada is a bit of a grey area. The legal onus is usually on the operators of the sites and not the players themselves. Some states in the U.S. have strict rules about online gambling such as New Jersey and Nevada. Canada is much the same in its online gambling laws. The liability is normally on the operators and not the players themselves.


Australia’s rules on online gambling are stringent. Australians cannot use online gambling sites which are operated within the Australian borders.


In Europe, there are many different laws for online gambling, which vary from country to country.

Online Gambling Casinos Certification and Regulations

There are three ways an online casino can be regulated and certified.

  • Through a company which does security testing
  • By a jurisdiction or government
  • Through a software testing agency

It is best to use an online casino which has had security or software testing, along with government approval, as governments tend to be a little lenient when issuing licenses.

There are many differences worldwide about online gambling. It is recommended to conduct thorough research to find an online gaming site which makes you comfortable. When gambling with real currency, its best to do your homework on security issues.

Knowing that there are laws and regulations in place for online gambling sites to operate legally gives players the confidence in knowing that their interests are being protected.